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Northern Exposure to Leadership- building library leaders

22 Feb

For the past 7 days, I have been immersed in a most thought-provoking, motivating and life-changing experience that has gone far beyond my great expectations. Though most Canadian librarians and information professionals have heard of the Northern Exposure to Leadership Institute (NEL or NELI), few apart from the former participants know the details of the program. The common phrase used is “What happens at NELI stays at NELI”. This secrecy surrounding NEL definitely contributes to the program’s mystique; however, it also helps enhance the learning experience for the participants. It was explained to me that if we knew going in what awaited us, the anticipation would cause our behaviour would be different and perhaps we would not be as receptive to the incredible moments of profound learning and self-discovery that occur. What I can say is that the librarians and information professionals whom I have spent the past week with are some of the most intelligent, motivated, caring, genuine, and funny people I have ever met. Knowing that I share my profession with such wonderful people makes me truly proud to be a librarian. We are the leaders of tomorrow and the future of libraries is in awesome hands!