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New ABQLA Bulletin featuring Web 2.You report

29 Mar

The new ABQLA Bulletin is now available to download for free from the ABQLA website’s Bulletin page. As Lora Baiocco, one of the editors of the Bulletin, a librarian at Westmount Public Library, and the blogger behind Infinite Digressions affectionately teased me, this edition of the ABQLA Bulletin could be dubbed the “Graham and Amanda” edition. It is true that not only did I write up a summary of the Web 2.You conference (p.12-13)but between the two of us, Graham (Inspired Library School Student) and I appear in five pictures! These pictures are mostly from Web 2.You and the CODE Holiday fundraiser but I think is a testimony to our commitment to being involved in the library community that the editors would grant us so much face space in the Bulletin. The ABQLA offers a great mix of traditional library values and fun innovative events, they are also extremely supportive and encouraging of new librarians and library school students. I am grateful to have been able to get involved in this great association and I can’t wait to attend the 78th Annual ABQLA conference in May on “Libraries as Learning Places”!

Web 2.Wow

7 Feb

The unfortunate thing about working on the weekend is that I have not yet had time to recap on my blog the unforgettable impact that Web 2.You 2010 has had on me as a person and as a future information professional. Organizing this conference with Adrienne Smith (MLIS I) has taught me so much and all of our hard work has been rewarded with positive comments and words of congratulations from everyone who participated in the event.

It seems that I have already waited long too long before posting anything to my blog (I would have been tweeting about the conference live but my laptop was needed as an emergency back-up for the speakers). In the meantime, Lora Baiocco has beaten me to the punch by posting a fantastic summary of the day’s activities entitled “Web 2.You at McGill – the little conference that could and does”. I really encourage everyone to read this post to get a better idea of the diversity of ideas that were presenting on Friday and that still have my head spinning.

For those of you unable to attend Web 2.You 2010, the video should be available on the Web 2.You Wiki in the next week as soon as we are finished editing.