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Library Revolutions Video

25 Sep

I am totally a sucker for cheesy library-related videos. This promotional video for the University of Kansas’ library is a spoof of the Matrix and definitely has a professional quality to it! I’m not quite sure who its target audience is though because it seems a bit too long to hold the attention of busy students. Nonetheless it is really well done and it would be cool if McGill had a video like this! The director of this video is Emmy-winner Chris Martin who was a film student at the University of Kansas. He has also produced another pretty awesome library spoof video called Lord of the Libraries.

Very cool stuff!

Plagiarism Video from Norway

13 Jun

This Norwegian video on plagiarism has already been posted on a few other library blogs: LibrariansMatter and Re: Generations but I’m posting it again so that as many people as possible can watch it. I think that this video produced by the University of Bergen is so great (except for perhaps the over-the-top musical number near the end).  The Slavic countries seem to be light ages ahead of North America in so many areas and I can’t get over the professional quality of this video.  At the same time it demonstrates the universality of the problem of student plagiarism which is sad. As a student how would you react to this video? It was posted to You Tube only a few days ago