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Networking: jump in the pond or get on a bike

29 May

It seems that recently everyone has been talking about networking. When I attended NEL in February there was abig emphasis on networking and in the past few months I know a few people who have been very proactive about networking in order to find a job. Although I am not actively looking for a job, continuing to expand one’s network is always important. 

I found that reading the book Work the Pond by Darcy Rezac was extremely useful. It is a quick read and there are tons of tips that help us to understand how to be more effective in our networking attempts. Rezac uses the analogy that we are all frogs and when it comes to networking you need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. He takes the frog analogy much further (a bit too far at times) but the book remains extremely insightful in its description of networking misconceptions and how one can become a networking expert.

Another great analogy that I’ve seen that helps us better understand the act of networking is the article Breaking Away: Networking like a Cyclist, by Daniel Ransom on the library blog Letters to a Young Librarian. I am an avid cyclist and so I can really relate to these lessons about networking when compared to competitive cycling (a little shoutout to Ryder Hesjadel, the first Canadian to win the Giro d’Italia, Woohoo!).

People often do not realize that cycling is often played as a team sport and that there is a lot of strategy involved. I think that this blog post does a wonderful job of comparing the fine line between working together to move forward and the drive needed at the end of the race to leave the group behind and cross the finish line first. This strategy exists both in cycling and during a job hunt.

One thing that both Rezac and Ransom touch on that I completely agree with is that networking does not have to mean focusing your energy on talking only to the “big wigs” who you consider to be the most influential. Networking is often about making contacts (friends) who might be at the same level as you so that you can support each other as you both work your way up. Sometimes will you end up competing against your friends for a much coveted position but life goes on.

I highly recommend both this book and this blog post to gain easy and effective networking tips.

Happy networking!

LWB Innovation from the Margins

18 May

I had an awesome time at the Librarians Without Borders event “Innovation from the Margins” last Friday. To find out more about the event and the speakers, check out the blog post that I wrote for the LWB website.