A Hopeful Sign: a community of inspired bloggers

9 May

A few months ago, I was extremely flattered when I was asked to contribute to a new “magazine blog” called A Hopeful Sign that would feature inspirational articles on diverse subjects. The blog’s mantra is Living-Learning-Leading and its mission of promoting and providing hope completely fits into my overall optimistic world-view. As I’m sure you have all noticed my blog posts tend to be upbeat and positive. Without naming any names, librarians often use the web to vent about their various frustrations but I don’t see the point in projecting such a negative image of what I consider to be a wonderful profession. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love life and I especially love being a librarian. Being positive on my Biblioblond blog is the natural result of my perspective on life and librarianship. This is why I am honoured that I was selected to contribute to a community of bloggers who all share a hopeful message. I will be contributing regularly to a column entitled “Inspired by Culture“. I encourage you to read my first post and check out the other posts as well. I’m extremely impressed by the diversity of interests that are represented! Good luck to A Hopeful Sign!


One Response to “A Hopeful Sign: a community of inspired bloggers”

  1. Laura Best June 30, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    Nice to meet a fellow maritimer who is also a contributor to A Hopeful Sign. 🙂

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