Librarian doppelgänger

11 Jul

Yesterday, a librarian friend sent me the link to a blog post asking me what the story was behind my photograph being posted on an author/poet’s blog. I immediately went to the blog post which was entitled “The Irrepressible Miss Halfpenny“. Surprised yet flattered that someone would be writing a post about me without my knowledge, when I saw the post and the photograph I was in shock.  I read the post describing a librarian Miss Halfpenny and when I looked at the picture it was me, but it wasn’t me. In fact, the only way that I was certain it was not me was because I knew that I had never worn a dress resembling the one the photographed girl was wearing. So I have found my doppelgänger who also happens to be a librarian and has the same name as me!  The universe is such a crazy place. What are the odds of there being another young, blond, librarian with the very unusual last name of Halfpenny? I emailed the author of the blog who unfortunately was unable to provide me with much information on the Miss Halfpenny in question. He had come upon her in the park and she was reading a book of poems that he had written so he felt the need to take her photograph. The author of the blog is from Southey, Saskatchewan, so if anyone in the biblioblogosphere knows the identity of this other librarian Miss Halfpenny please let me know! I would love to correspond with her!


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    […] Imagine my surprise, then, when I was contacted by a librarian, one Amanda Halfpenny, who pointed out the remarkable similarity of appearance between herself and the Miss Halfpenny (also a librarian) of my recent post, who I caught reading Plum Stuff.  It IS slightly astonishing, and I invite you to investigate for yourself.  […]

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