Plagiarism Video from Norway

13 Jun

This Norwegian video on plagiarism has already been posted on a few other library blogs: LibrariansMatter and Re: Generations but I’m posting it again so that as many people as possible can watch it. I think that this video produced by the University of Bergen is so great (except for perhaps the over-the-top musical number near the end).  The Slavic countries seem to be light ages ahead of North America in so many areas and I can’t get over the professional quality of this video.  At the same time it demonstrates the universality of the problem of student plagiarism which is sad. As a student how would you react to this video? It was posted to You Tube only a few days ago


One Response to “Plagiarism Video from Norway”

  1. Ekaterina June 13, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    A kind of video that could be shown even in schools. The earlier children learn to respect copyright and deal with it, the better.

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