Quotable quote on library services for visually-impaired or blind users

23 Mar

I am in the final crunch of my last semester of my MLIS and I am finding really cool information for my research project on library services to users who are visually-impaired or blind. I wanted to share with you this extremely quotable quote from a public librarian in Hamilton.

“Libraries must fully accept that service to disabled persons is a right not a frill. They must become more flexible and willing to redirect resources from existing services to new services for all clients, not just those who can read print.” Beth Hovius, Librarian at the Hamilton Public Library, Ontario, Canada.

Hovius, B. (1996). Serving People with all kinds of disabilities : what has been achieved and what is still necessary. In Massis, B.E. (ed.), Serving Print Disabled Library Patrons. (pp. 48-59). Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland.


One Response to “Quotable quote on library services for visually-impaired or blind users”

  1. Inclusive Planet May 13, 2010 at 6:45 am #

    inclusive planet is a social venture with a very simple yet powerful agenda – to engage smart minds across the world to create scalable technology-led solutions to challenges faced by people with disabilities. we apply ourselves to the task of bringing together technologists, designers, disability experts and other such folk to throw their might against problems such as the lack of accessible content, inaccessibility of online content, non-inclusivity of modern technologies and suchlike.

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