Interview Time!

23 Feb

Last year, when I was still but a lowly first year MLIS student, I watched with keen interest as a few of my friends in second year succeeded to secure interesting library jobs before their last semester of the MLIS program was even finished. This year, it is (I’m keeping my fingers crossed) going to be my turn. For the past year, I have been checking out job postings through Library Job ListServs as well as consulting the websites of various professional associations to see what type of positions are posted and how often. It has been very valuable for me to get a sense for what type of job market is available for recent MLIS graduates and the qualifications required for various advertised positions. In January, I started to see a few positions that really interested me and although I only finish my MLIS in April, I hoped that it wouldn’t be too soon to start applying. In order to revamp my C.V., I made an appointment with a consultant at the McGill Career Planning Service Center. Although, I was disappointed by her general lack of knowledge regarding the variety of career opportunities for this degree, she did provide me with basic formatting tips to create a more eye-catching C.V. I also had a friend and my professional partner from the CLA Student Chapter’s Professional Partnering Program read my C.V. and my cover letters to give me concrete feedback on whether they were well written and of potential interest to future employers. I am happy to say that the hard work I put into job applications has paid off and I have been offered three interviews for different positions.

Yesterday morning, I experienced for the first time an hour long phone interview. Phone interviews are difficult because you cannot read the body language of the people who are interviewing you. You cannot tell if they are smiling or scowling at your answers! Because I had no visual cues, once I finished giving an answer that I thought was of an appropriate length, I asked them to confirm if I had provided them with enough details. I did not do this for every question because that might have come across as insecure, however, sometimes I felt that I needed a verbal confirmation that my answer had not been off-track from the type of answer they were looking for!

My phone interview was fairly straight forward. They asked me typical questions about my experience “Name a time when you had a conflict with a supervisor and how did you deal with it?” as well as hypothetical questions of how I would deal with certain situations, ex. “A patron complains to you regarding a certain book that they feel is inappropriate for a public library. What would you do?”. This type of questioning does not bother me; I thank my mom for signing me up for acting classes when I was young because having a background in Improv acting really helps you learn how to think on your feet during an interview! However, interviews are not always that straight forward. In the past, I had an interview where I needed to write beforehand a 3 page paper on the Google Book Library Project, I’ve had to write a test with both short-answer and a longer essay question, and I know that it is common for librarians to prepare in advance a short presentation on an assigned topic. All of these additional requirements can add stress to an already stressful situation! I’ve already been warned that I will need to write a test for Friday’s interview so we’ll see how that goes… but I’m really interested in the job I was interviewed for yesterday so I hope that I hear back from them soon!

Ikea Job Interview Comic


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  1. Mel February 26, 2010 at 5:27 pm #

    Thank you for this blog, it was an interesting read!

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