CLA Salon des bibliothécaires

8 Oct

This evening I will be attending the CLA Montreal Chapter’s kick-off of their series “Salon des bibliothécaires”. This title is a play on the traditional “Salons littéraires” that thrived in the 17th and 18th centuries. At the time, the aristocrats, being rich and not having to work, could spend their time developing themselves intellectually, socially, politically, and culturally. The “salons” provided an opportunity for these elitists to discuss and amuse each other with their knowledge of various subjects. The people attending these salons, as one can imagine, were usually very pretentious and so I am reassured that tonight’s discussion on Virtual Reference will be led in part by Amy Buckland, one of the least pretentious people that I know.

I do not necessarily have any expectations for this evening. Although I’m curious as to whether any diversity of thought will present itself in a group of like-minded, highly educated professionals discussing a topic of which they are all passionate. I will probably simply sit back and enjoy the discussion knowing that my practical knowledge of virtual reference is minimal and that this is an excellent opportunity for me to learn from practicing librarians.


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