Generational gap: fact or fiction?

21 Aug

One of my projects this summer at my library job with the federal government is to create information capsules to promote the library’s e-resources.  For this project, I am working in collaboration with a colleague who is quite a bit older than myself (all right, she’s my mom’s age!).  Since our objective is to create material that will catch the user’s attention when it is sent by email, my first draft included catchy titles, bright colours, and a “virtual librarian”. I was told by my colleague that while my approach was essentially great for younger users,  I needed to appeal also to the tastes of people in her generation who prefer calm colours and a more professional look. After which she said we were “not running a daycare”. Am I completely in left field to think that bright colours and lots of visuals are eye-catching and appealing no matter what generation you belong to? I honestly believe that the e-resources offered by our library are very cool and I want the federal government workers to as well. However, I’m having a hard time imagining users of any generation, BabyBoomers included, being enticed to use the library’s e-resources if we send out capsules using a shade of green most commonly found on hospital walls.

Can some differences of opinion be blamed on the generational gap? Where do we draw the line?


2 Responses to “Generational gap: fact or fiction?”

  1. Megan August 22, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    It sounds like this might be a case of grumpiness rather than a generational difference!

    I know very little about marketing and graphic design, but a quick flip through a magazine or a brief internet browse shows that striking colours and images are used by professional (and successful) organizations to promote products…

  2. Jimmy Paquet August 31, 2009 at 9:25 am #

    I agree with the fact that catchy titles and bright colors will attract a broader audience than the color od a hospital wall. Hospital walls are not very attractive, I would know! And what about that virtual librarian, that sure got my attention. Maybe part of the difference of opinion could be blame on a generational gap, but I don’t think that your co-worker could be taken to represent her whole generation. There’s something else at work here. Grumpyness could indeed be a plausible answer; I guess we’ll never know.

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