Yes, Another Library related Blog but this one’s written by a blond!

26 May

The universe of Web 2.0 is powerful and librarians can either remain confused and intimated by all the ho0pla surrounding these technologies or they can experiment with them in order to discover a world of possibilities that may or may not work for them…but then at least they’ll know.

Since I started my masters in the School of Information Studies at McGill University, talk of the influence of Web 2.0 in the library world has been .  I even co-organized a day conference entitled Web 2.You with the likes of Michael Stephens, Stephen Abram, Amy Buckland and my favourite Inspired Library School Student: Graham Lavender.

However, it wasn’t until hearing a discussion at the 2009 WILU conference that everything clicked. Interactive discussion on any topic leads to critical thinking and critical thinking leads to true learning and understanding. I realized that if I want to understand the many topics that interest me that I’m hearing about through readings, presentations, and conferences then I need to have a platform where I can voice my opinions about these issues and have constructive feedback from others.

Please take part in what will hopefully become a forum for librarians of all disciplines and hopefully we will all better understand why interaction makes learning and critical thinking so much more enjoyable and effective!


2 Responses to “Yes, Another Library related Blog but this one’s written by a blond!”

  1. Katia September 19, 2009 at 10:38 pm #

    Amanda, could you please explain what “houpla” means?

  2. Amanda Halfpenny September 20, 2009 at 8:54 pm #

    When I described the “hoopla” surrounding Web 2.O technologies, I was refering to the hasty tendency of many librarians and libraries to rush in and play with these new forms of communication, whether it be libraries being on Twitter, on Second Life, creating facebook pages, or simply by creating their own blogs. Considering that so many people still regard libraries as sterotypically old-fashioned and out of date, I admire these initiatives to bring the library to the masses via Web 2.You. However, these initiatives need to be purposeful and I hope that librarians are seeing the desired results from the work put into these new activities.

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